Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekends of fun

Home from my busy weekend away. I was very naughty and didn't take one single photo..

I said in my last post about the things that I would be taking with me on retreat...

1. Double wedding ring (hand piecing) as pictured in the last post.

I did sew some of my DWR, and put together my first "melon".

2. Leanne's house, quilters journey, last block with a tiny bit of embroidery to finish and then sew the final blocks together.

I finished my quilters journey, now to audition some fabrics I have for the border and then to hand quilt it.

3. Fix the work quilt that I made... it was defaced by some plebs who obviously have the intelligence of a rock.

I fixed the work quilt, ended up fusing fabric together and fusing it to the quilt to cover the defaced squares which I did a simple stitch around the edge and voila!!

4. Table mats that I bought as a kit, finish these off.. some quilting.

I finished them off but didn't fancy quilting them.. maybe another day!

5. country sampler... hand pieced quilt that I am hand quilting (on and off.. more off than on lol).

Didn't take this one with me in the end!

Like most retreats, I slept too little, laughed a lot and sewed up a storm... a good time was had.

The dancing was excellent and the froglet and her team partner came 3rd in the 2 hand, so they are 3rd best under 19s in Victoria!!