Thursday, August 4, 2011

quilting retreat

the froglet went her her first 18Th birthday recently and made the birthday boy a special card... I found out he likes sparrows that's why it she chose this bird... my goodness she is talented (she gets that from her mother lol) I will post the picture she did for my birthday... is a butterfly, the noisy one said she is going to have it as her first tattoo (oh my)

One of my favourite times of year!! quilting retreat.

I'm off tomorrow with my quilty friends to spend most of the weekend indulging in things that I love to do.

Sadly I have to leave on Sunday morning as the froglet has her biggest dance competition of the year that day and I cant miss this.

For the first time in 4 years of going to winter inter club at MSAC I will miss this Friday night, but I felt this compromise was acceptable this year.

I have several things packed to go so that I can decide on what I feel like doing the most.

1. Double wedding ring (hand piecing) as pictured in the last post.
2. Leannes house, quilters journey, last block with a tiny bit of embroidery to finish and then sew the final blocks together.
3. Fix the work quilt that I made... it was defaced by some plebs who obviously have the intelligence of a rock.
4. Table mats that I bought as a kit, finish these off.. some quilting.
5. country sampler... hand pieced quilt that I am hand quilting (on and off.. more off than on lol).

I think that is all I am taking and I'm confident that I will complete numbers 2 and 3... specially 3 as my boss will kill me if I don't do this quickly!!

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Christine M said...

That's a lot of projects you're taking Libby. I'm only taking two! I'm going to FINISH my double wedding ring quilt top and I've prepared a stitchery for a bag. I haven't even packed my clothes yet. Better get a move on! See you soon.