Monday, March 29, 2010

school holidays

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a pedicure. I felt like I had feet of a princess and such a prettyful colour too! I highly recommend you all going out and having your feet pampered for an hour or so. Go on treat your self YOU deserve it!!

Now I cant take the credit totally for these photos. They were taken on my camera and that's where the credit stops. The baby bat is doing photography at school and needed to take some pictures, so the froglet got dressed up and made up and we set off for the local cemetery for a mega photo shoot. These are only a couple of over 200 photos and there are some epic photos.

The Ferris wheel I can claim as mine. This was taken at the community festival the other week... I love sepia photos and black and whites, it gives such a different look to a photo.

Another baby bat masterpiece!

The school holidays bring both terror and joy to my heart. Joy in the fact we spend some time together, I get to sleep in on days I don't work (paid work that is). Terror for my bank account, lack of gym due to sleep ins, empty pantry and fridge.

I hope you all have safe and happy holidays if you have children and for those who don't I hope you enjoy less traffic on the roads and don't work in local shopping centres!!


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

I like to call it "student non-attendance period" or SNAP .. as we teachers really don't get a holiday as such unless we purposefully decide to go away for the break. Rather, I am here correcting Year 12 and Year 9 work and plugging into the system when I would rather be quilting :(

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I have never had a pedicure!

perhaps that is what is missing from my life ;-)

bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Libster, thank you for visiting,,, I had a lot of fun making the string quilt....DD is now a young woman....and in the workforce...enjoy your holiday time...Warm Regards Lyn

Frogdancer said...

Oh yeah! Painting my toenails was one of the things I was going to do these holidays!!
Thanks for the reminder.