Saturday, March 6, 2010

pain and agony

Many years ago I suffered from plantar facitis in my right foot, this was from exercising (yes I know its supposed to be good for you but I end up injured). Anyway it took me years to get over it and I wore orthotics in ugly shoes for years. I have over the last couple of years found that my P.F. had improved so much that I could wear fashionable shoes again.... well its back to haunt me again but now its in my left foot.
I'm hoping that because I know how to treat it straight away with frozen water bottles (rolling foot on them) golf/tennis balls.. more foot rolling and various stretches etc that I wont suffer as long as I did last time. I have my orthotics in my old runners and on my feet (I love sitting barefoot) This morning when I awoke I could barely walk and as the day has gone on I have improved (seems silly doesn't it!) but that's P.F for you.

Thanks for listening to me moan about my sore foot... I have put in 7 hours at the gym in 5 days this week and I'm not happy about the fact I might not be able to do my classes next week. Swimming and weights will be the order of the day if I am still crippled.
Now for your viewing pleasure for listening to my woes I have included my recent creation of banana and choc chip muffins. I have a heap of frozen bananas in my freezer waiting to be used and when I found this simple recipe I decided I had nothing to loose but the frozen bananas in my freezer!!! I even made a second batch on Thursday evening to take to my quilting guild to share with my friends... they were barely cool when they enjoyed them.

The dry ingredients....

looking a bit like something I better not mention as so people aren't as graphic in their descriptions as I am lol.... nice to eat at this stage too!

here's the finished results and quite yummy too.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

They were indeed lovely Libster! Thank-you.

Jodie said...

I have had the same problem. Its horrid but (weirdly) it does get better through the day. I hope you have a speedy recovery !