Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today the froglet announced that she needed some new jeans and some new shoes. Being the wonderful mum that I am, I was happy to oblige and we found these cool high top shoes and two new pair of jeans. I was also really lucky and I found a pair of shoes for me that even fit my orthotics!! (by the way my foot is feeling much better but I will be a good girl and wear my orthotics more often). The reason for the shopping trip was actually to buy a bag!

The froglet also keeps stealing things from my cupboard and jewellery box.... I cant believe that I used to wear this smiley belt and now my teen is loving it!

I got the idea for the bag on the Internet and have no idea where I first saw it. We have bought a simple bag and then blinged it up. The froglet came home and raided my fabric stash and found this psychedelic frog (what else!) and then decided it needed buttons. I only sewed the patch on with my machine and showed her how to attach a button and the rest has been her design and idea.
Its times like these I think my hording of buttons, ribbons, fabric, crafty bits and piece come in handy!

The bag is nearly finished and I will post a photo of the bag being modelled in my next installment

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QueenB said...

Isn't it strange what goes around comes around in fashion. Hope the rain did not affect you. My P.F. has gone hope yours goes soon. Mobic helps.