Tuesday, February 17, 2015

on a roll.....

 I finished both the sparrows to send to the States to help fundraising.  The lovely Jenny from Elefantz donated these designs for people to stitch and send to a worthy cause.  I really enjoyed stitching the designs and it gave me a lot of pleasure knowing that I might help even just a little bit.
 I finally finished a table topper and a mug rug for a friend of my mums.  I was supposed to finish it for Christmas but didn't quite get there... so made the mug rug as an extra.  I used pellon for the topper which made it nice and soft and light.
 Milly wanted to park her bum on it..... how could you refuse those big brown eyes!  (I did!).
I also found out via face book that a co worker had a birthday so on Sunday I whipped up a table runner for her too.  I didn't bind this one, thought it might be quicker to turn it inside out and then sew along the edge.... it was, but I wasn't 100% happy with the finish... a little puckering occurred.....  will have to practice a bit more on the 'birthing' process!

Do you ever 'birth' a quilt?

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