Monday, April 28, 2014

a weekend of special rides

I rode 167km in 3 days.

 On Friday my bestie and I decided to ride the kinglake loop.... I did this last ANZAC day with the group that I rode with all last year but she was unable to as she had hurt her back... so a year later she smashed the climb!  that was a nice little 70km.

Saturday morning I set off with my other cycling group and did another 40km. I then went into the city to see Mrs Browns boys..... oh my it was hilarious.

Sunday morning I rode again.  This ride was another 50kmish  but it was a very special ride.  This ride for our friend Nicola who lost her short battle with cancer.  There was about 40 people and we rode a loop and then took ribbons that we hung on our bikes to give to her daughters for them to keep.

Today we attended her funeral to celebrate her life.  RIP Nicola

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