Saturday, April 5, 2014

new quilt and camera sorted!

 A friend of mine is turning 50 so I decided to make her a quilt, I know she loves butterflies and dragonflies and I know she likes the other colours that I have chosen, I know she will love the brightness and loudness of the colours, just like her personality.
 I am making the same design as I did for the froglets boyfriends quilt as it turned out really well and came together quickly and easily.
 Oh I bought a new SD card for the camera and now I am able to take pictures again!  I am very sad though as there are photos on the SD card that I cant retrieve, but I have someone who is going to have a look at it and see what they can do.
 The grass is just a little on the long side in the back yard...

 My laptop problems continue, but I am learning how to use windows 8 and will be calling my carrier to get them to sort out the Internet issue that I have... I'm not very good with PC talk so they will have to be very patient with me.

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