Sunday, May 11, 2014

nearing completion

 Finally got the boarder on for the top.  I had a nice large piece of material in my stash perfect for the backing, and it also works for the boarder.

 Of course the backing piece wasn't wide enough so I had to add a little to it.  But when I was making the blocks I had made 7 more than I needed and I also had a few of the little 4 patches, so I turned them into a strip and added a boarder to either side which made it wide enough.
 I'm happy with the way its turned out.  Now I just need to see if I have any batting large enough, or 2 or more bits that I can whip stitch together.
I love being able to make a quilt without spending any money.  Well that's not true as I must have bought the fabrics at some time in the past!  I will have to buy some thread to quilt it and I don't think I have any batting so will buy that too... oh my goodness... just realised I don't have the binding sorted!   got some purple that might just do the job!  It makes a giving a quilt that can cost quite a few dollars very affordable, I also get a huge enjoyment out of making and giving something that I have made, specially when I know the recipient will appreciate the whole concept of it being made specially for her.


QueenB said...

How are you thinking of quilting it? I have done the same pattern for baby quilt for Margie's boyfriend's family.

Libster said...

will probably just do a simple stipple unless something else jumps up and hits me in the eye lol