Sunday, April 20, 2014

The top is finished

 So as promised here is the nearly completed quilt for my friend.
 I picked the colours that are bright, loud, cheery and uplifting as this is the type of person that is going to receive the quilt.
 I enjoyed making this quilt and this is the second one of the same design as it was simple and quick to construct.
 I was also able to make it either using a precut jelly roll, which would be faster than cutting up 2.5" strips from fat quarters or other cuts of fabric.  This time I had all the fabric in my stash so had to cut all the strips.  However it still didn't take me too long once I began.
 So this is the top completed on Good Friday, just needing a boarder, then I will take it to my next guild meeting and baste it on the table that we have available.
I do apologise for my last 3 posts as I didn't check what I had done before I did the next post.  I wont show you my missing lawn mower or dog again as the lawn has in fact been mown (its needing another one!) and the dog was unharmed durning the mowing of said lawn.
I will show you though my lime tree that is growing some nice little limes and we also got rain.... I was rained on Saturday morning whilst riding my beast, wasn't the first time and wont be the last!

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