Thursday, March 27, 2014

computer woes and bragging rights

So i get this new computer, it seems great at first but now its giving me problems.  I open websites and it tells me that they cant be opened, or the Internet isn't connected... poppycock.

then the photos!  I get a little icon that looks like a little green hill with blue sky and a corner cut off.  sometimes I can click on them and they open, sometimes they don't.

Its running windows 8 so its all different and no one else in the house knows anything about this system.  

I spent good money on a new laptop and now I am having different issues to what I was having on the old laptop.  Anyone with any ideas?  who should I see or should I contact the Asus helpline?

On a good note though I rode from Mansfield to the top of Mt Buller on Saturday morning.  The climb itself took me 1hr 50min.  I was very pleased with my time as I had hoped to get under 2 hours.  The descent only took me 30mins.  This is a 15km continuous climb with the last 3km being rather nasty.

Then the icing on the cake.... it wasn't a race but there was placings for the top women and men in various categories,  I came under the over 45 women and I placed 10th!!!!  so my name was up there in lights for all to see. Think I earned a few bragging rights.

New quilt to be made.  My friend Donna is turning 50 in May so I decided to make her a quilt, thinking of going with the design I used for the boyfriends quilt, in purples with some butterfly fabrics... need to pull out some boxes and see what I need to go shopping for!