Saturday, March 8, 2014

Random stuff

 This was the tattoo' I gave the noisy one a few weekends ago when she had a birthday party to attend which was dress as your favourite  character, so she chose Abbie from NCIS. She studied her character and through the technology of google we got great pictures of her tattoos which I was able to reproduce onto her flesh using a good old sharpie.
 The cats decided to sit on the ironing board while I was sewing the other day, Lil has the evil glowing eyes and Cookie looks a little startled for some reason.
 I have now made 3 cushions, only 2 pictured here.... the froglet has stolen the camera for the weekend as she is celebrating her first anniversary with her boyfriend.. solider boy.
 We had a bit of a heat wave here a few weeks ago and I decided that enough was enough we needed a pool.  There was of course none left that I really wanted so it was this or nothing...  I took it :)
 The girls thought it was hilarious, but soon realised how great it was to lie in, they then jumped on board with decorating the pool area with a pool side bar, DJ, a lifeguard (a drawn stick figure!) and slide.
 The fisherman thought it was a hoot when he came home from work and found us lounging in the new pool.
 I received for Christmas a lovely diary in a cover that was made by one of the girls from the gym, she has a business making bags and bits and pieces.  Her bags are mostly baby tote bags, beautiful bags!
And for those who think I am super healthy with all my riding, swimming, running and gym workouts.... this is what I eat when i ride!  or something like this.  I'm off to ride up to Kinglake in the morning.  I have 3 weeks to go until I ride up Mt Buller.... I'm getting a little excited.  The new laptop/notebook is going well, I now have my photos on my external hard drive and Im starting to get the hang of windows 8.  Im sure there is loads more for me to learn... who else is a bit of a technophobe?

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