Saturday, June 18, 2011

New quilts

I recently made a quilt for my cousins new baby. I have 3 cousins who my mum commissioned me to make a quilt for each new baby to their families.

I have made a few quilts now, I don't charge my mum to make these as its part of my gift to my cousins. This time I didn't have time to quilt it myself.

I asked my friend Anita if she would quilt it while I was oversea which she was able to do for me.

Once again I was very happy with the quilting that Anita did for me, this was just a nice all over design.

I joined strips of fabric to make a nice binding.

The quilt was given to the young family the other day and was very appreciated which is nice when you have taken the time to find something that you hope they will like.


Maddy said...

Congrats on a quilt well done. Always like you fabric choices. Glad to hear the recipient was happy too.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

It is such a beautiful Quilt Libby, from one of my favorite fabric lines!

David Britt said...

I still want a quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!