Thursday, June 9, 2011

Injury alert

I'm not a happy camper this evening. I have been getting back into my training at the gym and was back to my weights that I was using prior to my trip overseas.... had been upping them little by little so I didn't hurt myself.

So today, doing the circuit class and was only jogging on the spot, nothing hard or overly vigorous, when "ping" I felt a nasty pain in my right calf.

Now this isn't a good pain I thought and tried to gently work through it to see if it let up. For a while there I thought I was onto a winner and it would ease off.....


I had a girly moment while I iced it outside the gym and had a little howl, then pulled myself together...

I was lucky enough to have an appointment with my osteopath/myotherapist, so rather than working on my upper back she tackled my legs. I didn't like the nodding and faces she was pulling while I told her what happened and the pain I was experiencing and had a nasty feeling she knew exactly what I had done.

She had a gentle fiddle with my calf and confirmed my fear that I had pulled the muscle in my calf ARGGHHH.

so now I have to be a good girl and no exercise for a week... oh I am allowed to do upper body weights and swimming, so will do this and no more as I don't want to have lingering pain or problems.

So the next 3 days I am icing and voltaran and gentle ambulation.... boy am I pissed off.

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