Sunday, June 12, 2011

long weekend

typing one handed is slow and annoying!

why am i doing this you ask? cause my kitten has made herself comfy in my left hand and is nice and warm hehehee

I know you are all hanging to find out how my calf muscle is, it improving thanks for asking. I'm icing it and resting and one of my gym instructors is going to modify a class specially for me, shes awesome!!

Went out last night to hear a band play, first time in years the hubby and I have done that, worst thing was I couldn't dance grrr. We left the froglet at home with her friend, that was another first.

I have left the girls at home alone before but not at night and when I am a fair distance from them. Its not a matter of not trusting them as I do, its more if something happens and I'm not just around the corner... I kept checking the phone but they girls survived without me.

the noisy one has gone away with her friend for the long weekend so its been quiet here.

Work for me tomorrow... good thing is the pay as its a public holiday!!

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