Sunday, June 19, 2011

double wedding ring and give aways

First of all I need to mention that there are 2 great giveaways up for grabs, I don't usually enter lots of these but I like the goodies that they are offering so thought I would put my hand up for a go.
the first one (not in any order) is for greenfairy quilts Judi is giving away a very nice looking FQ bundle.

The next one I have is for primitivehutch this is a new addition to my blog that I have started to follow and added to my list on my blog so that I can see when Robin updates her blog!

Now here is a peek at my newest project. yep double wedding ring.

A lot of these fabrics came from a wonderful lady that I met when I first started quilting and we formed a friendship through the Internet. She gave me a large bundle of offcuts and I have made several quilts and a bag and some friends have some of these fabrics in their quilts and bags too!

I chose fairly bold colours for the cornerstones and I still feel that they don't stick out like dogs bollocks.

My friends at sewing sat and cast their critical eyes across the fabrics and most of them agreed with my choice, will make up a few more strips and put them on the floor and take a photo... that aways helps!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Well Hello there Libster!
Thanks for following my blog and your kind words on your post.
WoW! Your a quilter and beautiful work I might add! Some day I'm going to give quilting a try ~ looks complicated ~ but oh so beautiful.
Love your blog by the way!
Hope to become good friends!
Prim Blessings

CurlyPops said...

Hi Libster, I'm loving watching the hotties come in too! For some reason, I can't seem to find your email to reply directly to your comment.
My postie must be so confused!

Maddy said...

Your double wedding ring is going to be so very girlie. Great work Libster, looking forward to seeing it completed.