Monday, February 14, 2011

Tri hard...

The weather was fine, chilly but clear...
We checked the map and walked the course

The finish line loomed in the distance

the water quality was below acceptable to swim in so instead of swimming in the bay we had to do a 500mtr barefoot sprint on the sand.... We hadn't trained for that!!

My friend was going so fast on her bike that she was a blur!

For a change she only saw the back of me!!

I did really well and improved my times from the last tri. I finished in 36.48 and did PB's in both the bike and the run.
This time I came 22nd in my age group and 116th overall out of 225. My partner came 28th and 156th overall, not bad when she had been ill earlier in the week and still wasn't 100%

We were disappointed that we weren't able to do the open water swim but I still really enjoyed the event and I'm looking forward to next season.

We need a new challenge!