Tuesday, February 22, 2011

too many things to do

My friend made an awesome picture for me, so I stole it and put it up on my face book profile and thought I would show you all here.

this of course is our special team name which started over a year ago in a boot camp training session.

On Sunday I managed to get some sewing done and have blocks ready to get their sashings and be ready to go to the quilter in the next week or two. Still have to do the binding on the baby quilt (I wont look to the right of me as it is glaring at me right now). Then there is the sister-in-laws quilt that needs to be quilted....hmmm.

no photos I am sorry but will take some when it is light outside.

Work again tomorrow, got some new contact lenses... gosh they are soooooo comfortable!! I thought my old ones were good, these shit all over them! Have to go and have the eye drops on Thursday..yuk Must make a dental appointment (double yuk)

Oh and I finally made appointments for the fisherman and myself to get our tax done.... yes for the LAST financial year.. thought we could do it real late then do our next one early and get a double hit lol!

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Jennifer said...

Glad to see your still kicking too - just been to the dentist - one less tooth to clean, pain doesn't cover it - catch you soon. Jen