Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cyclones and triathlons

firstly like many others I am thinking about the cyclone that is about to hit the top part of Australia. All the crazy weather we have been getting in the last few weeks, its madness... mother nature is very pissed off.

Now my team coffee partner and I have signed up for another triathlon, this one is open water..eeeekkkkkk!!! This is when I hate the fact that I wear contact lenses and it worries me that in the washing machine that I will be getting churned around in that someone will whack my goggles off my head and that will stuff me up big time.

Apart from that training is on again, not that we really stopped lol.

School is back on Friday yeeee harrrr!! the noisy one is quite pleased to be going back to see her friends and I think the froglet is rather nervous as she is in year 11 and its no longer a walk in the park. She will be fine as she is a good student and works hard to achieve high standards, she has some new subjects which she isn't sure about but I believe she will do okay.

I have a baby quilt all finished except sewing down the binding and doing a label.... oooh poop forgot about that sucker lol. now to get the other quilt top basted and quilted.... not to mention the other quilt that i need to start.... sigh

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