Thursday, January 6, 2011

happy new year!!

Hey gang!!
sorry for the lack of blogging but here is a blog with girth for you to get your teeth into.

This is the gingerbread house that my mum bought us for Christmas, I usually make one but she beat me to it... not sure if I was happy about that or not LOL.

Now I finally finished the quilt for work... the boss was about to fire me!!

Please ignore the threads hanging about but it was obviously not finished at this point. I used the techniques that I learnt at my guilds symposium late last year with Kellie Wolfsohhn. I need to practise some more!!

This is one of the new guys at the zoo! the new seal enclosure is really good.

we timed our visit quite well and managed to watch a little one on one training with the seals, this one was very cute.

The baby elephants are awesome... Mali's little brother is a right bossy boots and was trying to push her down the hill but she dug her heels in and pushed his little wrinkly butt back.

I nearly didnt renew the girls and my FOTZ memberships but we talked about it and decided that we would renew for this year and see how it goes. The girls are getting older and going off with their own friends more often... poor old mum gets taxi duties :)

It was a good day out at the zoo... first one for the year.

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Christine M said...

The quilt looks good Libby.