Sunday, January 9, 2011

special occasions

The fisherman was looking around the backyard yesterday and let out an exclamation of amazement when he found this lemon on our tree! the noisy one wanted to know if I had been feeding the lemon tree hormones heheheh.

Don't you just love presents?

My friend at the gym and her partner (who is also one of my best mates and boxing partners) became engaged and had their party last night at Monsalvat.

There was a beautiful sunset that I tried to capture.

I spent my evening with my family and friends laughing, having a few drinks and a gourmet BBQ. I danced until my feet ached and I had to give in and take my shoes off. I wasn't alone as my team coffee partner took off hers too (along with most of the women!) The floor was sooo sticky from spilt drinks that dancing became an art form, it was like dancing on fly paper.

I wish my friends all the happiness in the world, they truly are a wonderful couple who deserve everything and more. I look forward to their wedding which I know will be another amazing night of fun and laughter.

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