Saturday, January 22, 2011

Triathlon pink

I have been meaning to blog all week and got caught up with other stuff.

anyway tomorrow morning at 8am I will be doing my first ever triathlon with my best mate from the gym. I will post details and some photos as soon as I am able to move!

No seriously, I believe that we will do very well and will be on an incredible high afterwards. Got my friends and family coming to cheer me on and have received text messages and face book messages from other friends cheering us on.

I will be crossing the finish line not only with a sense of personal achievement but I will be thinking of all the friends I have lost to breast cancer and my Aunt who is battling this awful disease.


QueenB said...

What can I say but Go Libby Go.. Have a successful day hope everyone cheers you loudly you deserve it after all that hard work you have put in.

CurlyPops said...

Good luck - hope you smash your personal best!