Saturday, October 9, 2010

quilting class

One week until I do my first ever round the bay in a day.

I have always wanted to do a fun run or some sort of large physical event and finally my time has come!

My friends and I have done the training and we hope that we can last the bridge climb!

Now a few weeks ago I did a class with my guild and we were lucky enough to have the very talented Kellie Wulfsohn of dont look now I think we impressed Kellie with our skills as we did a 2 day course in one day.

How excited was I when I found that the materials that I painstakingly chose were the same as ones Kellie had used!

I have finished quilting my cushion top and now need to find the time to turn it into a cushion!!
I promised Kellie I wouldn't put a photo of her on my blog, so I hope her hands quilting aren't in breach of my promise heheheh.

I took many photos of her wonderful quilts and have found them to be excellent in helping me remember how to do her swirly quilting design, mind you I looked after I had finished my top and I had in fact done it incorrectly, but no one will know apart from everyone who reads my blog!
I bought my fabrics when I went on retreat a few months ago and was really pleased when I finally found a fabric that seemed to fit the criteria, once I had the first piece it was easy to find a few more to complement my selection. Kellie had suggested a striped fabric for the binding of the cushion and I found one that suited the job... more excitement!

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Mad Quilter said...

Love your fabrics crisp and perfect for your project.