Sunday, October 17, 2010

can I do it again??!!

Oh my goodness, what an amazing day.
I cant believe that the big day has come and gone.

My team and I conquered the westgate bridge twice in a day. Now it said 50km BUT they lied!!!! This is my friend and I at the start, Im wearing the red top!

We did 55km and it took Georgina and I 3hr 10min riding time. We also rode back to the car from Alexandria gardens so did a total of 60km riding.
The day started out with a promise of showers and 16 degrees. We did have a few little showers but nothing to write home about, and the temp in someways was pretty good as we did get very hot riding up the bridge.

There were bikes everywhere and people stretching in strange positions where ever they could find a plot of grass that wasnt muddy.
We are now plotting our next riding experience and are hoping to do the 80km next year, but with luck we might find another ride between these.
Essentials for the day... coffee! we are team coffee after all!

My trusty steed did me proud and she rode like a dream. My big fat seat saved my bum from getting extreme soreness... Im feeling the effects of the ride but havent stiffened up to the point of not being able to walk.

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Mad Quilter said...

Sound like you had a fantastic time out there. Congratulations on your success.