Monday, June 21, 2010

20 years ago.....

It was my 20th wedding anniversary last Tuesday, I find it hard to believe that 20 years ago I got married in Scotland to my then submariner husband!
The girls and I had gone to my mums a week or so ago and we found my wedding dress and the fisherman's uniform hanging in her wardrobe (I have no room in my house!!)

The girls couldn't believe that their dad used to be THAT skinny lol. Then I was scanning photos that I found and they were in stitches over how young their dad looked and how dark his hair was!!

I am pleased to say they didn't say that I had gotten older, even though I have aged...

I hope that one of the girls might even wear my dress when they get married (not for a long long LONG time lol).

Been a busy week here, just finished 6 days straight, have one off then work another day, so tomorrow will hit the gym, catch up with the gym junkies, shopping for food, cooking for a few days of meals, down to the pool with the froglet and probably another RPM class rather than sitting by the pool dropping off to sleep :)... sewing? gee might fit some of that in later in the evening!


Christine M said...

Your dress is lovely, Libby. My wedding dress is up in my wardrobe. Don't know if anyone will ever wear mine. Perhaps a granddaughter!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Congratulations again Libby.

Did you make your dress?
I think we need to see a wedding photo.