Friday, April 9, 2010

mooching around

Not much happening here on the home front. My bicycle has a flat tire which has impressed me no end. My foot keeps on getting sore after doing a Danzika class which isn't impressing me either. Did a couple of RPM classes so that's better than a hole in your head.

On the crafty note, I am still plodding along with the binding for my nieces quilt and have my mums new quilt top ready to go to the quilters.

I have one of those weird headaches today, the room keeps spinning when I move my head too much (bit like when you have been drinking and the room spins) but I havent even had a baileys so am suffering without the pleasure!

Have done all those housewifely chores and am now sitting with the girls listening to channel V. Some of these video clips are really really strange and then there is lady gaga.... hmmmmm

Holidays are nearly over again... The froglet just had a text message from school to let her know that the international environmental conference isn't going to be in Queensland as first thought, its now going to be in Japan!! So she will apply and see if she is accepted to go on an all expenses paid trip to Japan.... I am sooo jealous, that is one country I really want to go to. Now she is stressing as she thinks there is a camp on at the same time with her VCE subject... time to relax, she has to be accepted first!! how exciting though!

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