Monday, April 12, 2010

book shop heaven

school was back today yippeeee. I think the look on this owls face summed up some of the children's thoughts lol.

my mum went to Tasmania recently and she brought me back this little treasure!

I have hidden it as my family all love Turkish delight. The noisy one has been trying to find it and has unearthed some blocks of galaxy chocolate that I hid around Christmas time that were sent to us from the UK. I also have several cream eggs in another hidey hole. If I don't hide it, they will devour it in no time, and I will eat it just so I don't miss out!

Mum also bought this gorgeous hat (felted) and a silk scarf to match... the colour is more turquoise than the photo shows. I have a scarf that she gave me last year that matches the hat beautifully and the way the weather has turned today I will be using both of them!!

I was browsing in a book shop today and found 4 delightful crafty books that I was sorely tempted to buy. Then as I browsed my blogs I like to read several were mentioned. (I'm hearing music from the twilight zone!) One was Mike and me and the other was material obsession books. The other book I started to drool over wasn't a crafty one as such, more of a coffee table book of design ideas. The book had all the qualities I love in a book... it had that smell... you know the paper/printing smell, the paper itself was thick and matt. The photos were like the random ones we love to take and put in our blogs. I also love newsagents... the big ones with lots and lots of stationary supplies.... enough of this!

Who else loves books and stationary? I know you do! go on... admit it, you will feel better :)


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

oh yeah, I love my books! I am waiting for one to arrive via etsy, yes my obsession has even appeared online!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Stationary love is part of the female genetic makeup.

Books keep me sane!