Sunday, April 18, 2010

bike riding

The weather has turned back to summer!! Today I went for a bike ride with the froglet, who took me up the hill just near our house. I have admired this hill for years and finally went up it today. OH MY GOODNESS! Last year I did a boot camp and they were going to make us run up and down this hill, gosh am I glad they didn't!

The view of the Northern suburbs though was worth the sweat. Sorry to say I didn't bring my camera, but next time I will (yes there will be a next time). My odometer on my bike wasn't working but I would hazard a guess that we rode about 18kms

School is back (yahhhh) and we are all getting back into routine. Guild meeting was yesterday and I took my much loved bread knife to be sharpened as we had the man in to sharpen our blades of choice. Also had a lady in to sell fair trade stuff. She spoke to us about the fair trade and explained who and how it helped, its good to know that instead of a large company gaining from my purchase that a family might be buying a cow for milk.

I just sat down and finished the binding on my nieces quilt, instead of turning on the laptop and being lured by my blogs I love to read and the dreaded face book that wastes hours of I should be sewing time!! But now its done and so is this post so now I can go and play farmville, or treasure Island or what ever it is I have been suckered into!! The hedgehog?? I just liked him!!

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Mad Quilter said...

Libster, Don't know how you do it. Makes me tired to think what you have been up to.