Thursday, May 29, 2014

50th quilt finished on time!

 How happy was I when I was able to get the binding for the quilt?!  two days before the party.  I love living on the edge.
 I quilted this quilt with a lovely pink variegated thread, bonus was it was on sale so I bought a large reel and a small reel for less than what the large reel normally costs!  Didn't find this out till I got to the cash register.
 I love the feeling of achievement when you have decided to make someone a quilt and it comes together quickly.  I did leave the binding till a Little late but I got in on just in time.
 My training partner rang me and asked me if I would have time to go and do a bikram yoga session, so another incentive to get the quilt finished.  I sewed down the label and was just getting changed when she pulled up in my driveway! (the bikram yoga by the way was great, sweated like I have never done before!).
 I just realised when I was uploading these picture's that I didn't take a photo of the fully finished quilt with the binding completely sewn down.... what a doofus!
My friend was delighted with the quilt, she loved the colours and the butterflies and bugs.... I will be telling her when I see her tomorrow that I expect her to use it and not put it somewhere safe for special occasions.

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