Friday, December 6, 2013

Grinch time...

 So the quilt continues, I started it weeks ago and thought it would be done in a weekend!
 I laid it out on the floor and was pleased with its progress.
This one is a little dark but I considered putting boarders around each of these larger blocks.

Then I laid it on the bed and discovered that I was 2 entire blocks short... So had to cut a few more bits, sew them etc.

Im nearly there, have them in 2 rows now... just need an hour or two to get them done.
 My best friend and I call ourselves team coffee, I was able to get these pendants made in Bali for us both (no I did'nt go, but another gym friend goes regularly and is kind enough to get them for others).  I was going to keep them for Christmas but could'nt wait that long.

 my eldest, the froglet turned 19 on Monday, she bought me these flowers last friday as I went into hospital for a day procedure, all seems to be fine so Im hoping when I ring for results tomorrow that I will be given a clean bill of health and can get stuck into training for my next event.

Cookie was christening my new ironing board cover that I bought at the market a few weeks ago.  I was getting a bit desperate for a new cover as the old one was getting holey  and the middle was crunchy!

The only problem with the new one to start with is that it was like ironing on top of a pile of pillows.

I have my christmas ride with my group on Sunday and we have been told that the 'best' dressed for christmas will win a prize.... always one to jump to a challenge I have as you can see put antlers on my helmet.... I have much much more but will reveal after sunday.... I am so pleased with my shopping skills and how I have adapted certain items to become 'bike bling'   I dont always get into the full Christmas spirit but my beast will certainly be looking the part this year!

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