Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas riding.... two types!

 Here is a few pictures of how I decorated my beastie for my Christmas ride the other week.  I got rather excited when I went into the cheapy Chinese shop and found bogun Christmas balls!
 They swung (is that a word?!) from under my saddle... my friends behind riding behind me said they looked a bit wrong hahahha.  I got crafty and converted a pair of dangle Christmas tree earings that flashed into front and rear lights by ripping off the earing bit and sticking double sided tape to it.  I wrapped a necklace that flashed around my top tube.

 I was pretty impressed with my efforts and won the price for best dressed bike.  A pair of socks!
 Then on Sunday I did a little riding of a different kind.... yep horses!  I have ridden on and off for most of my life so am comfortable on horse back.  I took the noisy one as she really enjoyed riding when we went to Scotland a few years ago.  I used to come here to Uncle Nevs and was delighted to find Glenn (above adjusting the noisy ones stirrups) was still here and remembered me!
 We stopped halfway for a drink and a bickie and had lovely views of Melbourne... if you look closely you will see the skyline of the city.
 and then the hills are the Dandenongs.  The day got rather muggy with all the cloud cover, but didn't rain so we didn't complain.
 My trusty stead for the day was speckle on the far left.  He is a new horse to Nev's crew and was a joy to ride.  To those who know horses, his trot was smooth and easy to rise to, and on our final canter up the hills he took off like a rocket and overtook all the horses!  very responsive little horse, I will be asking for him again.
The noisy one did very well on her first ever trail ride, she sat well in her canters and is looking forward to riding again next year.  I had sore inner thighs (think my butt is used to saddles due to cycling!)  but the noisy ones butt bones were also tender!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with those they love.

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