Saturday, April 13, 2013

weekend stuff

 One of my friends at the gym has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she would run every day to the gym.  Her daughter in law created a team for her for the mothers day classic.  My partner in crime and I are going to run 4 km for Lynne... I'm not a runner but I will do it for her.  Then we will join all our friends from the gym and our little girls and walk 4km for her.
We are getting T-shirts organised and the gym is going to do a fund raiser for breast cancer with a mega class.  I am blessed to be part of a wonderful bunch of women (and men!) who rally together when times are tough.
 The noisy one made garlic rice (was bit more like risotto in the end) and had BBQ chicken to go with it.  was quite nice, she needs to make a few more things, zucchini slice is next, she keeps pulling a face but I think she will be surprised.
 Tomorrow is club championships.... 4 hours plus poolside, timekeeping, running around with timing sheets, marshaling kids and conning parents into coming onto the committee for the new year!
I also managed to ride just under 100km on Thursday and Friday morning with my friends, we did a new route with a couple of nice hills (yes I hear you laughing or choking).  I scored myself 2 QOM's... now I have you all wondering!!  Queen of the Mountain.  When you ride the fastest up a hill you get the title of KOM or QOM... its what many riders strive for... yes I do have a competitive streak in me.  OH  the saddle testing is going well, I have tried 2 similar saddles both are so much better than the above one.
 Milly loves to garden with me, today I picked up the secateurs and she went bananas!  I butchered the climbing rose as the rose hips were dragging it to the ground... she was tossing them in the air.. loon!
And Mr Cookie???  well.... the little b$#(@(#ered  escaped last night from the house at about 11pm  I was sick with worry as he is a house cat and has very little outside experience.  He returned at 3 freaking AM!  I was able to sleep.  He was exhausted by his adventure and I hope he hasn't acquired a taste for travel.

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