Friday, April 19, 2013

some cooking and sewing

 the noisy one is doing junior bakers at school this semester... I was treated to a Delicious Monte Carlo for my afternoon tea today. was bloody good too!
 Last night she decided at 9pm to make choc chip cookies for her friends at school, I managed to snag one before she packed them into brown paper bags and hide them in her school bag.
 I decided I would try and be all arty farty and stacked them up for a photo...
 She also made hazelnut choc muffins with a chocolate ganache icing... my work colleagues thought they were Divine.... I must say she is pretty good in the kitchen with baking goodies, specially chocolate stuff.
 Today is my besties birthday. I bought her a yoga mat as the ones at the gym are rather yukky, I got her a mat with cherry blossom design and I got myself one with koi carp (they were on special after all!!)
 So then I had a brainwave, I needed to make a bag for us to cart them into class.  I found some lovely fabric that another friend had made for me a while ago.  Then I decided that the bag will be a little neat so needed some slippery fabric to line it with.... I was very thrifty!  I popped into savers and found exactly what I needed for a whole 99c  then I decided to find cord or ribbon, nothing in savers but a few doors up is one of those cheapo Asian shops and I scored a reel of ribbon for $2  and the best thing was the lining and the ribbon matched well!
There was a flour explosion in my kitchen.....


shez said...

that baking looks so yummy.xx

Maddy said...

Can just about smell those biscuits and cakes from here...Yummy!