Sunday, November 18, 2012

sewless saturday

I had a long day on Saturday, I arrived at MSAC (Melbourne sports and Aquatic Centre) at 12noon and didn't leave again until nearly midnight. 
 I attended my first Pan Pacific Brazilian jiu jitsu competition, not as a competitor but as a supporter for my eldest daughter.
 She and her fellow team members all went to war in their weight and belt divisions. The froglet had to win 3 fights to gain the gold.
 In her first fight, she got scratched so she finished off her opponent in under 2 Min's and choked her out to make her tap (she won!).  The second girl was a bit more scary, she was from NZ and also had a Brazilian coach.  She won by an advantage point!  Then in her final fight she choked out her opponent and won the gold.  they were running 3 hours late so by the time we watched the boys fight it was way past my bedtime.
 The noisy one decided that her cat needed a beanie as it was cold!  the dog wasn't impressed when it was her turn lol.
I took some photos of some beautiful lillies that my bestie gave me for looking after her daughter while she went to a wedding.... was such a lovely surprise for doing something that was no hardship.

As for sewing... have been working on a bed runner... still!  and need to make a quilt label.

Have been cleaning up the house for the froglets 18th birthday, I feel old....

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