Sunday, November 4, 2012

special occasions

 So much has happened since my last post.  I made some ninjabread men for the 1st birthday of the girls dojo celebrations.  The froglet competed in another judo competition and has improved.  She didnt get the win she was hoping for but she is fighting girls with years of experience so understands she needs to be patient.  When the win comes it will be so sweet.

The froglet also had her muck up day and formal.  She was the mad march hare and looked amazing, and even more so for her formal.

 my two best friends got married last night.  It was an incredibly moving ceremony and I was asked to do a reading which I was delighted to do.... when my friend appeared in the doorway I was reduced to a blubbering mess and wondered if I would be able to deliver my reading without breaking down.... I managed to do it with only a few blunders, but no one but me knew i had mucked up the words.
now this isnt me but I love the lycra!  my training buddy and I completed our first ever 100km ride in round the bay in a day.  It was a great day weather wise and we were even more delighted when we beat the boys back to Alexandra gardens!

I found another event for us to take part in.  this time we will be riding with Cadel Evans!  and hopefully go into the guiness book of records.

I have some quilting to finish pronto so better get cracking so I can post about the finished article.

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Maddy said...

cannot wait to see the finished quilt so hurry up lovey.