Sunday, December 2, 2012

special birthday

18 years ago my little froglet made an early entry into this world.

We celebrated her birthday here at home with her friends and our family on Friday night as today we were off to yet another Judo competition.

Today was the Victorian championships, once again she was up against much higher belts with years of experience.... in fact her coach told me that she was fighting girls that have all  represented Australian levels so he was extremely proud of her, likewise with her team mates who supported her. 

She didn't win her fights but made the other girls work hard for their wins.  She was happy with her efforts and had fun going out there and mauling some biatches as she likes to call it.

happy birthday to a wonderful daughter who has brought me much joy and happiness for the last 18 years, I look forward to many more years of laughter and times together



Christine M said...

Happy birthday Froglet!

Melody said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your sweet froglet.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Happy Birthday Froglet!