Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am alive

Sorry for being adrift... life gets like that sometimes!

Ive been busy working, doing taxi runs to judo and BJJ, swimming and other events that the girls need to get to.

I have been trying to get some sewing done and I cut out a baby quilt that needs to be done in about 6 weeks.  I have done a heap of hand stitching and got some arch's done for the froglets double wedding ring.

the weather is really cold and has been incredibly wet so will get some photos soon... hmmmm think someone has stolen my simcard from my camera!

Milly had her girly operation last week, but is feeling much better now. she was rather whiney and clingy for a few days but tonight she has been growling and yapping at the cat so I think she is on the road to recovery!

photos soon, promise


QueenB said...

Good to hear Millie is getting back to business. stay away from the cold and sneezes. Enjoy the quilting

Melody said...

I am very glad indeed that you are alive and hope to catch up very soon, Hugs