Saturday, June 23, 2012

hand piecing

 Today I managed to squeeze in a pump class before I had to take the froglet to work.  Then the fisherman and I had a very late breakfast at a local Deganis.
 This arvo I managed to sit and defrost for a few hours (we sat outside to eat as someone has a bad habit that isn't allowed indoors).  While I sat, I sewed some melons onto a middle.
 I'm happy the way the DDW is coming together.... if I keep this up I will have to think seriously about how I am going to quilt it!
 Here is a pic of some lovely chooky fabric my friend Melody bought for me recently, I have a stash of chooky fabrics but this one would be great for applique..... I have an idea in mind......
The very first quilt that I totally hand pieced was from a quilters companion magazine, called a country sampler.  Now some samplers look really nasty if you know what I mean.  But this one caught my eye and I straightaway thought of my chooky fabrics.

I have finished piecing it and in fact I have been hand quilting it for some time but its been folded up and in the "to do pile" for too long...... The weather is perfect for hand quilting and perhaps its time to finish it up. 

Maybe I might even enter it in the next quilt show our guild has!


Maddy said...

Love your double wedding ring fabric.....looking great. How many melons/middles have you completed?? Your chooky fabric is very nice too.

Melody said...

This is going to be a wonderful quilt - one to cherish.