Friday, March 4, 2011

Rain, rain go away....

Well today 2 of my gym buddies, one of their daughters and a friend from my work went up to tackle the 1000 steps.

The weather, yes well, to be blunt it pissed down on us and we were totally soaked through. Apart from that I had a good time.

My team coffee partner and I aimed to do it 3 times, but the weather wasn't letting us. So we had to settle for twice. It was a bit slower than I expected (we did do a 6am class this morning too).
1st time was up in 12 Min's, down in 7 Min's. 2nd time up in 13min and down in 8 Min's. Then I ran from the bottom of the steps to the coffee shop hehehehe.

We went up to Sassafras and had a lovely lunch together (even though we were rather wet and chilly). There is a nice candle shop there that we popped into, it smelt Divine and better yet it had a heater that I promptly hogged.

the heater in the car on the way home did an awesome job and warmed us up a treat. As we drove down the eastern freeway we saw a heap of cops on bikes stopping the traffic, then a long line of official looking cars and a few more cops stopping the cars overtaking them.... bet they were annoyed!!

I forgot my camera so no photos from the very soggy Dandenongs.

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