Thursday, November 4, 2010

gardens and rain

Last week we had a tiny bit of rain.

This is the most rain we have had in our back yard ever. The frogs that live in the pipeline behind our house are croaking away... its been many years since I have heard them making such a racket...

I bought some seeds going cheap at bunnings the other week and threw them into pots. I think this lot is basil.

Then coriander.... I love this stuff!! the family don't share my love of this aromatic herb but that's fine as that means more for me!

Of course there are the tomatoes.

I have 3 of them. A black Russian, a creamy white one (this will be interesting!) and a Tommy toe as we love our cherry tomatoes.

Mixed lettuce in the last pot

Ive been busy tracing and cutting fabric for my next quilt... I'm surrounded by piles of fabric just waiting its turn to be chopped. stay tuned for more!

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bluebird-lyn said...

Hello Libster, thank you for visiting me....couldnot find your email?? Scotland was absolutely beautiful....I never thought I would see what we saw while we were away....didnot even become homesick...too busy.....I love coriander too...I dug our vege patch over a couple of days ago...and hope to start planting summer veg...Regards, Lyn