Wednesday, November 24, 2010

weeping calistamon

I started to cut out the fabrics for my eldest daughters next quilt, you can probably guess what its going to be. Now I am going do this all by hand so it will take me some time she is about to turn 16 in a weeks time.... gosh time flies!

One of the girls at my guild has been making a double wedding ring and used a decor box, fits everything perfectly!!

I have a weeping calistamon in my back yard and every year its becoming bigger and bigger and when it flowers the show is amazing!

I actually have another one of these trees in the front nature strip but the local council sent around some men to 'trim' my tree as it was interrupting the view of people getting in and out of their driveways.... the thing is we live in a court.... there is no issues of seeing past anything. I told these men that they were in the wrong street and should be on the main road around the corner as I cant see to turn right!! They chose not to listen and butchered my tree. I rang the council and complained but it did me no good, the bastards came and did it again 2 years later!!! To add injury to insult the rubbish truck broke a branch a week later and really made it look sad.
I will chain myself to the tree next year!

Here is my tree last night. I took some close ups which I will post later.

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Christine M said...

How's the tracing out going on your double wedding ring? It seems to take forever doesn't it! I'm still tracing for the extra row I want to add. Your weeping calistamon is looking beautiful. I love that red. Cheers, Christine