Sunday, January 10, 2016

Special birthday

Sorry for the sideways photo... but here is my last basket full of home grown lettuce and rocket... its been lovely having my own lettuce in my lunches, even the fisherman/mamil is happy to eat his rabbit food!
My mum turned 80 this week... we had a lovely high tea party for her yesterday and the cake was really yummy... came from Greensborough cake shop Pelligra.  Was a strawberry sponge as mum dislikes mud cake, so I wasn't about to buy her one of those!
Today I went out for a ride, went and did 3 repeats on this road in Whittlesea, just around the corner from where I had my accident.... after I did the repeats I turned left at the exact spot and about the same time I reckon.. 12 weeks to the day.  I survived.  I also had a bit of fun taking photos for a change!
This cannot be said for my hubbys inner tube..... we cruised down Plenty road together and all of a sudden he pulled over.... this little sucker was embedded in his rear tyre.  the little bit was just poking out of the tyre.... I tried to pull it out, ripping my nails to shreds... then he took it off and discovered the rest of this piece of nail hidden....  he is getting faster with his tube changing!

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