Sunday, March 3, 2013

triple layer slice!

 The noisy one is a real sweet tooth.  When i saw the cover of the newest food magazine that I sometimes buy (I used to buy it every month but find it has become very repetitive).  We had to use a spring form tin but I think it worked really well.
 She is doing 2 cooking electives at school this semester so has become quite food obsessed orientated. So I have once again pulled out some of my favourite recipe books and encouraged her to choose some to help me make in the coming week.
 She did a fantastic job at getting the layers to do just what they were supposed to do, she chose to use port wine jelly and popped a few pink marshmallows into the mix but it really tastes great!!
This is what it looks like when its professionally made and photographed, I reckon she has done an awesome job to recreate it using what we had in our kitchen!

How many of you have made something from a mag or book only to find it comes out nothing like the picture?

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Maddy said...

Ahhhh! That would happen most of the time. But there are times when l surprise even myself.