Saturday, March 30, 2013

busy weekends

 I have bulbs to be planted in my garden.... one hundred of the bloody things!!  They will look magnificent when they flower, I have miniature  daffodils, jonquils and hyacinths,
 Love these, they look like hairy monsters! I should put googly eyes on them and freak out the family.
 my yellow climbing rose is flowering, they look and smell lovely but they also don't last very long and blow open in a day.
 Cookie looks a bit stoned here.... think he might have just woken from one of his many slumbers.
 I finally picked up some fabric to make my cousins baby quilt.  I needed a jelly roll and a charm pack but they didn't have the charm pack so used a layer cake instead and have a little left over... gotta love left overs!
 I also discovered  that trying to sew a true 1/4" seam without the correct foot on your machine makes life extremely difficult, in fact it totally stuffed up my blocks and I had to cut them smaller.  Fortunately this particular pattern worked with a smaller block and no one will know.. except if you read this blog.
 Last week the noisy one joined me for my second tough blokes adventure.  Some of you might have heard of tough blokes... this one is slightly less insane.  You run a 7km course filled with 24 obstacles... the first being a mud pit... this year we dressed up as school girls and boys and running in a short muddy dress was much easier than last years flannel PJ's... bananas in PJ's!!
The mud also had a lot of stones in it so our knees and elbows got rather grazed this year.  We completed the course in a good time and had lots of fun again.

The next event is the mothers day classic, my buddy and I will be running 4kms for our friend who has been battling bowel cancer and now has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She used to run all the time so we decided to run for her.  Then we will join up with our daughters and other gym buddies to walk as a team for her.  Will be a day with many emotions.


Maddy said...

Loved reading your multi post, was inspiring and emotional.

Nita said...

Lots going on in your world ...

shez said...

wow that quilt is gorgeous,well done on a beautiful finish.xx