Monday, January 28, 2013

Triathlon pink and ninjas

 Yesterday was the BIG day that I have been training for over the last 8 weeks or so with my best friend and training partner.  This year they let our family and friends onto the pool deck so they could cheer us on, take photos and tell us later how terrible we looked lol.  My friend and I were the first 2 pinkies in the water for the day!
 By the time we got to our first buoy we weren't coming first any more... I'm the one just coming up to the buoy with my right arm coming out with my black watch!  We swam 300m and usually I enjoy the swim and feel okay at the end... not this year, for some reason I really didn't enjoy the swim and found it hard going.
 The bike leg.... my favourite leg!  I did really well on the short 9km course. My stats of 27.7km average and 39km max speed. I took 19mins to ride including running with the bike too and from the racks.  Best of all I came 1st in my age cat and 13th overall out of 313 entries, gotta be happy with that!!
 The run was a hard slog, we hadn't trained very much for the run this year due to my partner having back problems and other aches and pains.  I saw a message on face book a few days ago that one of my friends, friend has breast cancer and had received some bad news.  As tripink is all about raising money and awareness for breast cancer I told her I would run the entire run leg in her honour and not stop even when it was really hurting.  I told my legs to shut up twice and sucked it up and thought about Tracey and her family and how much harder her journey will be.  I didn't stop for the whole 3km... didn't go fast but I didn't stop or walk.
My overall time and placing was 48.16   I placed 5th this year in my age division and 68th overall.  I will say I had hoped to be under 45mins but my swim and transitions let me down, however in the end I finished and I felt good at the end and still do today so I'm very happy.
 I must have exhausted the beast so much that her front wheel fell off LOL.... no seriously I had to take it off so that I could fit my other daughter in the car after her Judo training.
 speaking of Ninjas.... here is the other little ninja that I finished.... they both went for a ride on the beast.
 Then they did what ninjas do best.....
I don't think Milly was very worried about them as they stalked her in the long grass.


Christine M said...

Well done Libby! Glad it's you and not me! LOL!

Maddy said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about what you do. Congrats on all your efforts, it is not a stroll in the park.

Sheepish said...

Your ninja's are so cute, like Maddy wore me out just reading about it...congrats to you and your stamina!

shez said...

great post.xx