Monday, January 14, 2013

I have been sewing

 Now I can hear some of you thinking OMG there is the beast again, what does this have to do with sewing?  But wait.... the saddle isn't quite matching.... yes its a test saddle, I'm looking for a little comfort on the old hoo harr!

So, the sewing?  well I thought I could incorporate my two loves.....

 Ive been working on my double wedding ring and as the weather has been hot I have gotten a few done.
 I thought I could skillfully drape them outside for a photo shoot and then spied my beast, perfect for draping.
 I have had this pattern for a while... bought it at the quilt show last year with the fabrics.
 I must admit I thought this second photo had the photo and name of the pattern.... Its Ninjas!  From Melly and Me.
 I finished one of them and he wanted to go for a ride on my beast straight away to go down to the dojo for some training.
His partner in crime will have to wait as I don't have any red thread in my stash and horror of horrors I go back to work tomorrow after a wonderful 5 week break.  Its always the way, I don't do anything till the day before I go back to work!!

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Maddy said...

Just love the little away.