Saturday, May 5, 2012

blogger help

I have added a friends blog to my list... but I cant see it.  Its there when i log into my blog and i can see it on the reading list, but this isn't good enough, I want to be able to see it when I'm not signed in too.

I cant figure out how to remove it so I can put it back on again either, can anyone out there in blog world help me please?

I pulled up really well from the ride, no aches or pains.  But my poor training partners aren't doing terribly well, one has 2 bulging discs but is improving slowly and now my other partner pulled something really badly yesterday morning in class and ended up getting an ambulance to the hospital. 

So that is 3 of my friends with back problems since the start of this year... I hope that's the lot......  team coffee is going to be renamed soon to team decaffeinated!

Weather turned wet and cold, no riding today.... class tomorrow!

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Christine M said...

To remove the address go to your dashboard. Next 'layout'. Edit 'blog list'. Scroll down to the one you want to delete. You will see "rename" and "remove". Select remove. Give it a try. Hope it works for you.