Saturday, September 10, 2011

shiny new road bike

After thinking about buying a road bike for the past 4 years I finally got one!!

I'm so excited... I remember how excited I was when I bought my new hybrid. I am still going to ride my hybrid as my bestie wont be able to keep up with me! She has already asked the bike shop to fill my frame with lead to weight me down.

I got a text message from her lat night saying that she is going to call me the roadrunner and signed off as the coyote.... now I'm a bit worried as the coyote would always try and catch the roadrunner using Acme gadgets, the coyote was never successful but my friend is a little smarter than the original coyote and has already told me that when I get a puncture on our triathlons she will ride by and wave to me, so nasty!!!

in comparison to my seat on my hybrid this one isn't the most hoo har friendly either.... going to have to build up new muscles for this one!!

The fisherman was a little horrified when he saw my shiny new bike in the front room corridor, I told him it was no different to his rods and reels being inside the house! (no sense of humour). I might have to put it in our bed and see what he does!!

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