Friday, July 8, 2011

girls will be boys....

Oh dear!!

turns out that our little cookie isn't a girl, shes a he! The first vet needs to go back to sexing kitten school, the vet who gave cookie h i s shots tonight I think was a little bemused.

The up side is that it will cost us less when its time to desex him! and 2 people have told me that males are better than females.

This explains why cookie loves to come into bed in the morning and snuggle into my neck!!

He is adorable kitten regardless of his sex, the breeder has now since admitted that she had her doubts about the vets diagnosis! (bit late lady!)

The noisy one whose kitten it is, I think is in a bit of shock and says once he has been desexed it doesn't matter LOL.... just need to think of cookie as a boy now, thank goodness we didn't call him princess and give him a complex for life!

On my fitness side of life, this week has been full on training... one of my friends has been doing personal training with me in their garage for the last 2 Monday evenings. His aim in life is to make me vomit... due to working out really hard (of course!) He hasn't achieved that yet, but I am quietly confident that he may achieve this in the next couple of weeks (not that I will tell him this!)

So with that and then dragging me out of bed at 530am I have only done 6 hours of fitness classes in the past 5 days. Today I took the noisy one to the gym as they are having for school holidays BYO child free to certain sessions. Today was RPM.... (stationery bike riding) poor thing felt quite ill by track 3 and I thought she was going to hurl her breakfast, BUT she battled on and didn't give in totally. I was very proud of her and so happy she came. She didn't like me sweating on her though heheheheheh.

My team coffee partner has found another event that we can do... this one if for epilepsy and involves riding around sandown motor course which is a 3.1km course with 13 turns. We get to ride for 6 hours!!! the idea is to ride as far as you can in this time. sounds like a challenge to me!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Your cat story is to funny ~ I got a girl siamese and named her precious ~ only to find out later she was a he!
Have a fun weekend!
Prim Blessings

Margaret said...

We had that problem with our kitten, they thought she was a he, and then we found out once we got "him" home. In my experience male cats tend to be more sooky then female cats.