Sunday, July 3, 2011

cookie has a visitor!

School holidays have descended upon us down under and the noisy one is raiding the cupboard and fridge as she does at this time of year! The froglet is trying to look like cookie in the above photo!

My friend Jennifer came over with her eldest daughter and they took home with them cookies little sister whom they called Zoe. Oh my she is a pretty little thing! I had a text message from her this morning telling me that Zoe had managed to hide in behind some cupboards overnight so her hubby was busy making sure that all the holes were covered up.
her colouring is very different from cookies and she is a little bit smaller. I hope that Zoe settles into her new home soon.

Our little cookie has well and truly settled into our home and hearts and the fisherman was sprung playing with her on his hands and knees.

Today I did some work on the double wedding ring, I have grouped each arch together and counted how many more bits I need to cut out, I'm quite pleased with myself as my maths isn't my best subject and I don't have to cut many more out.

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